Akihabara, Tokyo Japan

Akihabara is the home of everything anime, manga, idols, maid cafe’s, and pop culture! You can’t go a few steps without seeing another store featuring figures, toys, and other merchandise of these. It took us several days of exploring and still don’t think we saw everything Akihabara has to offer!

The main street down Akihabara features tons of anime and idol billboards and advertisements no matter where you look.

We checked out several cafe’s, one of them was this hedgehog cafe that also featured owls, Shiba Inus’, and Bunnies. Certainly a must see in Akihabara!

There is no shortage of crane games and gacha games lining the streets and small stores.

Nearly any and every anime or manga related characters have figures and merchandise available, even some from mobile games!

Not too far from the Akihabara station, and across a small bridge, you can find this small temple hidden between the tall apartment buildings. It is a nice quiet break from the constantly busy Akihabara main streets, and if it looks familiar, it was a notable location from the anime Steins;Gate.