IkkiCon 2019

This was our first year attending IkkiCon. We’ve seen the event in the past but the time never aligned when we were in Austin for it. Especially since the event is usually around the holidays.

IkkiCon took place at the Renaissance Hotel on December 27th-29, 2019 in Austin, Texas. We took an amazing amount of photos since there was so much to see! Check out our gallery below.

Sadly the service was not existent with all the buildings and amount of people in a small area but we took a lot of photos throughout our time there. IkkiCon hosted a few panels and cosplay contests but we mainly looked around at the artist alley area. The moment you walked in you were seeing an overwhelming amount of merchandise.

I did buy a few sweatshirts from this event though- the artist had such unique designs it was hard not to buy a few!

If you love anime, IkkiCon is worth checking out.

Thanks for reading and checking out our photos! This was such a fun event to check out.