*Cozy* Anime Recommendation To Watch During Quarantine

We’ve spent more time at home ever since the COVID pandemic has begun. Both our jobs have officially changed to work-from-home and we haven’t done any travel or left our apartment unless we need to do necessary things.

This has given us some good time to watch more anime and catch up on shows we love! I’d love to recommend a very cozy anime show that I really enjoyed (especially during quarantine since we can’t travel).

Laid-Back Camp ゆるキャン△, Yurukyan

This anime has amazing scenery, cozy music & really love-able characters. The main plot of this show is camping and a group of girls who love camping. My favorite thing about this show is that it actually gives you useful tidbits on camping and teaches you some useful things.

Rin, one of the main characters, is a quiet girl who enjoys going camping by herself. During one of her trips she comes across Nadeshiko, who is very opposite of Rin- very energetic and befriends Rin. They end up finding out that they goto the same school and both eventually join an outdoor activities club. From there their camping journeys unfold along with another group of girls who enjoy camping!

I hope you check out this super chill and cozy anime. I know times are rough right now and it’s nice to have a good anime show to escape sometimes.

I’ll also leave the music from the anime playing below from a video I found.