Plastic Memories – Isla – PSVITA Set

Back in January for my birthday present, Donnie got me a Plastic Memories gift. I’ve always wanted an Isla figurine but I always got discouraged to buy one since they usually go for $1,000+ or more. We tried really hard to look for some while we were in Japan but it was almost non-existent.

For my birthday he surprised me with the Plastic Memories PSVITA set. It came with a Isla figurine! It’s been a few months but today we decided to open the box.

We figured we would never want to resell it because I loved the anime so much so we took it out of the box. Check out all the things that came inside the box!

She is now happily sitting on my desk. Thanks for checking out our box set! We are aiming to try and find a cheap PSVita so we can attempt to play the game it also came with.