Formula DRIFT 2019

This past weekend we headed out to Dallas for Formula Drift!

Luckily my sister just bought a new house in Dallas so it was nice to get some family time in during the weekend. This year the weather was extremely hot but the event itself was still worth it in the end.

Check out all the photos we took! I also posted my VOD from the live-stream we did that day! It was also awesome to see people find the stream through the Twitch directory and say hello to us when they found us walking around the event!

Last year we ended up staying all the way until the end of the event – This year we left a little early to have a last minute dinner with my sister & her husband. The whole Dallas experience was amazing though & we’re always looking forward to visiting whenever we can.

Umbrellas everywhere! They really helped with all the heat!

Since it was a little too hot outside we ended doing a nice short stream to show you guys around!

We are looking forward to more upcoming events! :]