Odaiba Adventures

When we first arrived in Japan, one of our first “farthest” journey was Odaiba. It was a nice area by the water & we spent the whole day there. Odaiba had some fun stuff to see- like the Unicorn Gundam statute, a giant colorful Ferris wheel and a huge shopping center.

We originally went to Odaiba to check out the Tokyo Auto Show but started walking around to see other things. There was so many people! First we went straight to the Ferris wheel and then the shopping center. We also got to see a high-view from the Fuji TV building!

Towards the night is when we got to see the Gundam transform and see some of the colors change on the famous rainbow bridge.

We were able to snag a few photos but I linked our whole day down below from my Twitch stream!

Check out my VOD to see our full day in Odaiba!