Asakusa Tokyo

We’ve been venturing out to different regions in the Tokyo area. Most of our locations are very tourist-y but they have been an awesome experience for our stream so far!

The Asakusa area was a bit more calmer during the day than the area we’ve been staying in (Shinjuku common area). We were lucky to have such amazing weather yesterday with a cool breeze throughout the day. After grabbing a small breakfast from a kombini we set out on a 25 minute train ride to the Asakusa area.

For a Monday it was still a very busy place for people to visit- Lots of tourists and locals enjoying the Asakusa market! There were so many things to see from endless lucky cats, handmade merchandise & the smell of delicious goods being cooked up. Around a few corners they had even more shopping areas & sights to see. We ended grabbing some lunch at a small restaurant – the gyoza and chicken meatball yakitori were delicious & just what we were craving for!

After seeing the endless shopping stores we were able to see the main temple area.

After the temple we really wanted to see the city as best we can – so we headed over to the Tokyo Skytree! Words and even the stream view can’t express how awesome it was from above but I’m happy you all enjoyed the views/stream!

We had to snag a quick photo of a really cool PUBG cafe they had inside the Skytree building!

350 floors up!

Watch our full stream day in Asakusa!