Kimi No Na Wa in Real Life

Kimi No Na Wa is one of our favorite anime movies. We’ve honestly collected a few figures, books and even created a sticker of Mitsuha for our Okiru shop.

Of course we wanted to see if we could find the real life locations while we were in Japan! Check out a few we stumbled across while we were visiting. Luckily the locations were only a train stop or two away from where we were staying.

It was nice walking through the quiet neighbors to get to some of the locations.

It was awesome to see other people visiting the locations to take pictures too. We didn’t realize how big of a spot it would be to visit in Japan!

Another location we found was by the train station – another iconic scene when Taki is making the phone call. We also got a few other photos that showed up in the movie in different shots.

I’ll always love this movie! I’m glad we could stop by these locations while we were visiting Japan <3