Enoshima, Japan – Shonan Candle Illumination

We managed to have a full day at the Enoshima area. We got lucky enough to catch an event during the time of our visit for the Shinon Candle Illumination.

From the end of October to the beginning of November, more than 6,500 candles illuminate Samuel Cocking Garden on the top of Enoshima Island.

For one, the skies were amazing once the sun was setting… and two, the event itself looked so surreal and the candle lights reminded me of walking through a fairy-tale forest.

Numerous small bottles with candles are also lined up at the foot and around the Sea Candle observation tower to produce a collaboration of light only during the event.
Various colors candles and single color of candles are placed for each square, and the surroundings of the tower are colored with soft light.

It was worth staying a full day at Enoshima and ending our night with the Shonan Candle event. I can hands-down say that Enoshima was my favorite area to visit in Japan. We definitely need to explore more places out of Tokyo next time we visit again. There is so much to see!