Nakano Shopping Center

This morning we woke up later than scheduled and grabbed some curry for lunch. After that the stream had a fun time taking control of where we would be exploring in the Shinjuku area. In the end, we ended up on a train and headed to Nakano.

Nakano was a nice place to explore! So many floors of shops- especially anime shops! It was less chaotic than the Akihabara area.

We scored a few anime items from our favorite shows and really enjoyed the tiny shops in this shopping center.

They had some cool little museums & galleries in between some of the stores too.

We saw a lot of cars!

We didn’t realize how long we stayed in the Nakano shopping center.. When we walked back outside it was already dark so we grabbed some yakiniku for dinner in the area and headed back home. It was an awesome day in Nakano and I’m glad we ended up exploring it for a few hours that day!