Shibuya Lowrider Cruise Night

Every first Saturday night of the month there is a lowrider cruise night held on the streets of Shibuya. Since we realized we were able to make one of the cruise nights we decided to check it out!

We had arrived a little early so not a lot of cars were out so we started to explore a little bit of the nightlife in Shibuya. Then we slowly started seeing cars parked along the side of the roads and it started picking up towards the end of the night.

What I loved about the lowrider night was the amount of people who came out to take photos & video footage. We also ran into another IRL streamer! I’ve never been to a lowrider cruise event but it was an awesome time to see one in Japan.

More of the cars started to show up a little closer to midnight. We sadly couldn’t stay super late since we had to catch one of the last trains home.

We are hoping to stumble across a few more car meet ups before we have to leave Japan. It was definitely a cool experience during this trip! If you are ever in Japan during the first week of the month, I recommend checking out this very chill night event!