Kawaguchiko, Japan

I would’ve never heard of this tourist area if it wasn’t for Donnie- He asked if I wanted to see some pretty views of Mt. Fuji next to a lake and of course I got excited knowing we would be getting close to the mountain!

As we got off the bus we made our way down through neighbors and small streets to close to Kawaguchiko lake. We were lucky the weather was chilly and mostly clear skies because the views were so beautiful! It was nice to see the autumn colors peak a bit through the trees & mountains.

Of course it was too amazing to not get a selfie – we may have gone overboard and took x100 photos of each other 🙂

And of course we were really excited to see the mountain at a closer range.

Everything in Kawaguchiko was nice to look at from the houses, flowers and even the small shops around. We ate lunch at a small diner that was super cozy too.

I’ll always appreciate the Kawaguchiko area for being our first rural area to visit. It took us 3 hours to journey over there & our stream kept losing connections in most parts but in the end it was worth the travel and seeing all the sights there.

I hope to see this area again next time we visit Japan. The autumn colors were gorgeous and I can only imagine now it looks during another season! (especially the spring time!)